Lorraine Donnegan will always be my favourite ever, I miss her dearly.

Anonymous asked: Oh my fucking (sorry) god, the new girl Gabriella!!! I'm so excited for her storylines!!! Waterloo road really went down hill in my opinion ages agooo but i've started watching it again for Gab omg hehehe she's a bitch tho lol x p.s i fricking love your blog xxxx

I don’t know when you sent this because tumblr never told me I had a message. *Shakes fist* but omg I can’t stand Gabby. She pisses me off something chronic! She’s so annoying and Hector really needs to get shit sorted regarding her (and Nikki) and tell Christine that she’s obsessed with him and is harassing him.

Whoa, I started to rant. I is sorry but thanks for saying you love my blog!! :3

Waterloo Road S09E11

"Does it bother any of you who I spend my personal life with, male or female? Does it make me any more or less of a decent teacher?"

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“Michael was right when he said you were the woman for the job.”